General Information

A new way of doing your internship

The Green Student Lab is a research training lab by and for students, where the university is linked directly to companies in the green sector.
NB: even if your future might not be (completely) in the green sector, but you are still interested in the unique approach of the Student Lab, there are many projects that have a rather generic character. This means that the acquired skills can be of use in many life-sciences domains.

Lab set-up

  • 10-12 students + 1 full-time supervisor + many ad-hoc UvA experts
  • Master,  Bachelors and HBO students
  • The students jointly run the lab and their projects
  • Project topics come from green companies
  • Acquire new projects from green companies
  • Pitch your own project at a green company


  • Students can start their training at any time
  • Master internships: at least 5 months, undergraduate internships: at least 3 months
  • Additional short courses that prepare students for the real world
  • Possibility for: wet-lab (laboratory) internships, dry-lab (bioinformatics) internships or a combination of both


  • Gain experience with a project driven by a green company
  • Gain experience in R&D and with researchers from industry
  • Preparation for a career outside academia
  • Experience with multi-disciplinary project work and availability of various experts
  • Learn to deal with (new) own responsibilities in project work
  • Get acquainted with green research
  • Possibility to choose from a collection of projects or to acquire new ones
  • Opportunity to help shape the direction of research with their your ideas
  • A number of additional courses
  • "Personal awareness" about skills, aspirations, educational focus and career choices
  • A distinctive educational edge compared to other students